Illumination Healings

Spirit energy is the vital force of life for body, mind and soul. The stresses of our modern day life often leave us depleted of energy which can trigger a host of physical and psychological dis-eases. There is a wellspring of limitless energy within each one of us and when the energy of Spirit is flowing freely we feel a natural healing occur within ourselves, with family and friends, with Mother Nature and with the Source of Life itself.

Illumination Healing is an ancient energy healing handed down from the shamanic traditions of Peru. Our luminous energy field contains all our imprints of karmic, personal and ancestral memories, our traumas and our wounds. Through this powerful process we can change life patterns and imprints that no longer serve us. We address the deepest roots of illness and dis-ease which have occurred due to stressful and traumatic experiences we have encountered throughout our lives. These wounds are released and removed allowing us to heal the past and move forward free from heavy emotional ties, as well as reclaiming the vitality, aliveness and limitless energy we were born with.

This type of healing process is fast and sustainable whether it is used to release deep wounds and traumas or for general energy clearing. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes and takes place in Esher. The introductory cost is £35 per session and bookings are available on weekdays - please call me on 020 8398 4871 or email to arrange a suitable appointment.